Discover our Personal Warehouse System for our customers, Thanks to the POP-VAULT you can order and keep the items aside until the Free Shipping threshold is reached, how does it work?

1) Add an item to your cart

2) At Checkout when choosing Shipping choose Add to Your POP-VAULT

3) Complete the order by paying for the item

4) The item will be added to your Personal Warehouse, all the warehouse will be processed in a single shipment upon reaching the free shipping threshold (€ 49.90 for Europe and UK - € 149.90 for USA)

If you want your vault to be shipped before the free shipping threshold is reached, send us an email to and we will send you an invoice with the unique shipping costs for your entire vault in order to pay a single shipping

* Your Vault will be kept aside for a maximum of 60 Days, after this period of time without reaching the free shipping threshold you will be contacted to add more items or to pay shipping costs and receive the Vault